About me and this blog

I’m Nick, a 41 year old husband and father (of a 4 year old boy) who lives in Southampton, UK.  On 22nd May 2012 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis, which came as a real shock, which I’m sure it must be to anyone, but I really wasn’t expecting anything serious as the symptoms I’d originally gone to the doctor with were rather innocuous and I was generally in very good health.  Keeping family and friends updated with news about my diagnosis and treatment spurred me to start this blog.  For more detail about my diagnosis and treatment, have a look at the “About my diagnosis” page.  To get in touch with me, have a look at the “Contacting me” page.


2 responses to “About me and this blog”

  1. Emily Gwinnell says :

    Hi Nick,
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hope you don’t feel too rough on treatment. Not sure who your consultant would be but I was at med school with Dr Jenner from your haematology unit, small world hey…
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery


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