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A long overdue update

It’s been much too long since I posted an update on my blog, but I’m sure you’ve all been off enjoying your summer holidays, so hopefully I’m just in time now that you’re back.

I’m now back at work, having tried a week part-time (mornings only) and then upgraded to full-time.  In fact I found the week of just mornings a bit frustrating, as I would spend the mornings sorting things out, dealing with emails, talking to colleagues and so on, and just as I’d cleared my desk to be able to get into something substantial, it was time to go home.

Before that the time spent at home after I came out of hospital was a little frustrating, though not unpleasant.  I think I hadn’t really prepared myself for how much recovery time at home there might be after I was discharged.  At first after I came out I was sleeping quite a lot – it was quite common to have a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon.  Later though, once I didn’t really need the naps anymore, but still didn’t have the usual energy and drive, it was quite frustrating to be at home surrounded by things that I could in principle be getting on with, but didn’t.

On Tuesday last week I had another clinic appointment at Southampton General.  I was pleased with this one for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, my neutrophil count has leapt up, now being 4.1(!) which is properly back into the “normal” range.  The consultant was happy now to leave my next appointment until early October.  This will be after my “100 days” assessment – the outcome of the high dose treatment and stem cell rescue is assessed 100 days after I got my stem cells back.  That will be another bone marrow biopsy and a bunch of blood tests in late September.

So it’s 9 weeks today since I was discharged after my “high dose” chemo.  The first six of those were spent at home, and as I mentioned I’ve now been back at work for three weeks.  I generally feel fairly normal again now.  I couple of weeks ago my beard starting properly growing again, and it looks like the hair on my head is starting to grow again (at the moment, I’ve got a full, but very very short head of hair).  And yesterday I went for my first run since before I went into hospital (i.e. since mid May).  I was pleased to be able to do 5km in just over 30 minutes.  My legs ache like nobody’s business now though…