Good to be home (and Wimbledon’s on the TV)

I’ve been a little tardy in updating the blog since I was discharged from Southampton General Hospital a week last Tuesday afternoon (18th June).  I’ve generally had a very laid back time since then, resting most of the time and having a lot of naps.

The discharge from hospital took a few steps, including having another infusion of platelets to bring my count up, and having had my central line removed. Although it was great to have the central line fitted whilst I was an in-patient (no needles required to take blood samples or administer drugs), it’s nice to be free of it now.

Immediately after discharge I was first at my parents’ house for a few days (because there had been a slight tummy bug at home and I was advised to leave it a couple of days) before coming home on Saturday.  Just getting home was great in itself, but the best part of all was seeing Felix, my nearly-3-yr old son again, whom I haven’t seen since I went into hospital.  He played his part beautifully – I was aware of the possibility for him to barely bat an eyelid when he saw me – but instead I got a massive hug which was so tight it squeezed a few tears out of me.

I also had my first follow-up appointment at the hospital this Tuesday (25th June).  Generally all good, although amongst the blood counts the neutrophil count is still hanging quite low (at 0.6), so I need to be careful about infection for a while longer.  Next clinic appointment is in two weeks – hopefully it’ll have picked up significantly by then.

So for now just having a quiet time at home.  My energy levels seem to fluctuate quite a bit – I’ve had some days where I’ve had naps in both the morning and the afternoon, whilst on other days I’ve not felt the need to sleep at all.  Slow and steady I guess, and in the meantime there’s always Wimbledon on the TV…


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