Crap start to a great break in Ireland – Thanks to Thrifty!

Having finally escaped from Southampton General’s clutches, this morning we flew to Ireland to go to Matt and Nuala’s wedding down in County Cork.  The journey didn’t start well – our 6.45am flight from Southampton to Dublin was delayed by a couple of hours and then when we got to Dublin, Thrifty Car Rental cocked up so spectacularly that it was 5 (five!) hours after the time we had booked (8.30am) to take our hire car that they finally managed to hand me the keys (1.30pm).  I still haven’t quite understood why they had such problems, but the office out at the compound where you collect the car was in chaos, and at times they seemed to know which car they wanted to give us, but couldn’t find the keys, and at other times it was less clear if there was actually a car for us at all…

Perhaps with hindsight the clue is in the name (and I did choose them because they were the cheapest), but be warned folks…

We had planned to stop off in Cashel on the way south, but a) didn’t have time after the delays and b) it was hammering down with rain, so we just kept on going.



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